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How to choose your refrigerator?


The refrigerator is an essential household appliance, which is present today in all kitchens. The market offers a wide choice of models to satisfy all modes of consumption. To choose the right refrigerator, it is important to inform yourself about what this market offers and the selection criteria that count.

The different models of refrigerators

The choice of your refrigerator depends first on the configuration of your kitchen and your needs. There are 5 types of fridges.

The single door refrigerator

This is the most standard type of refrigerator. Having only one door, it is sometimes equipped with a freezer located at the top, but not separated from the rest of the fridge. It is the ideal model when you only consume fresh products or when you plan to acquire an independent freezer.

The fridge freezer

This model of fridge has a part dedicated to refrigeration and another, smaller, to freezing. Two configurations exist:

The 2-door refrigerator , with an insulated compartment freezer placed above the refrigerating part.

The combined refrigerator , which has a freezer compartment at the bottom, twice as spacious as when placed at the top. This is the most popular type of fridge on the market.

In both cases, the opening of the refrigerator and the freezer are independent.

The American fridge

This modern fridge is made up of a very large storage cabinet, the volume of which often exceeds 400 liters (maximum volume in other models). It is particularly suitable for large families or large designer kitchens. You can recognize an American refrigerator by the fact that it has two doors placed side by side. The left door opens to the freezer, while the right door gives access to the refrigerator. Often, its facade also accommodates a water dispenser and an ice cube dispenser.

How to choose your refrigerator?

A standing refrigerator does not need any particular support for its installation. It is placed directly on the floor or on a work surface. So you can put it wherever you want in the kitchen and you are completely free to choose its design.

But if you are looking to optimize space, the built-in refrigerator is an ideal solution . This is designed to fit into the kitchen by being concealed under the same type of front as your kitchen units.

Choose your fridge according to your consumption

When choosing your refrigerator, consider the number of people in your household. A single person does not need a volume capacity of more than 200 liters. On the other hand, a large family can directly target a refrigerator with a volume of more than 300 liters.

Constantly in operation, the fridge represents an important part of the electricity consumption of a home . To obtain a refrigerator that consumes as little energy as possible, it is necessary to refer to the energy label which appears on the technical data sheet of each household appliance.

This label indicates the energy consumption level of a product. The best refrigerators have an A+++ rating, while the worst are rated D. On the other hand, since 2013, manufacturers are no longer allowed to produce refrigerators with a rating lower than A +.

Types of cold in a refrigerator

The way in which the food is ventilated is a criterion that must be taken into account when buying a refrigerator. It determines the quality of their preservation and prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

There are three types of cold in a fridge:

Static cold air: air circulates freely, the coldest area is at the bottom of the refrigerator. This type of cold is ideal for fresh products such as vegetables.

Cold air stirred: the air is stirred with a fan placed at the bottom of the refrigerator. Thus, it maintains a uniform temperature, which allows good food preservation.

Ventilated cold air (NoFrost): the air circulates evenly and dynamically. This more advanced system quickly removes excess moisture, reducing the creation of frost and bacteria.

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